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What sets us apart?

Vision Statement

The VISION of Tranquility Adventist School is to be an inclusive school characterized by holistic academic excellence, spiritual development, and a caring community. Definitions: Diversity is defined as the presence of differences that include race, ethnicity, nationality, social economic status, language and neurodiversity. Equity is promoting justice, impartiality, and fairness within the procedures and processes and distribution of resources. Inclusion is an outcome to ensure that those who are diverse have a sense of significance and belonging.

Mission Statement

The MISSION of Tranquility Adventist School is to impart knowledge and the joy of serving others through a holistic Christ-centered education, empowering students to thrive.


Tranquility Adventist School LOVES Growth

Learning – To develop a lifelong love of intellectual and spiritual growth. Students learn to be accountable and responsible through collaboration and communication with peers. Students also learn how to live a life of temperance and balance.

Outreach – Students will be given proper tools to serve their community, nurturing love and respect for others in an inclusive way. Students will learn how to be good stewards to be able to reach out to others.

Vision – We strive to inspire students to reach their goals and develop their character. Our school is evolving towards reaching our vision.

Encourage – We seek to empower students towards positive leadership, hope, strength, self-love, self-acceptance, self-reliance, self-government and self expression and to develop and use their God-given spiritual gifts.

Safe Haven – We strive to guard and protect our students by providing emotional safety and creating a sanctuary of learning to enable and empower students as they develop confidence and self-esteem. This includes teaching boundaries and building the students’ emotional intelligence.

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